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I'm Helaine Treitman and my mission is to help you dance tango calmly and confidently, fully expressing your masculine self as you beautifully connect with the woman in your embrace . . .
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Vacanza tango con stage intensivo di musicalit√° con Helaine: "I 7 fondamenti della musicalit√° nel tango". Una settimana su spiaggia privata in un villaggio turistico 45 minuti da Dubai, 5 mattine di lezioni, excursioni e tempo libero, e la sera - milonghe in spiaggia, o in citta' con tangueri di Dubaii!
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8 weeks of practical, confidence-building tango advice and insights specifically for men, that I wrote to help you understand what women really want in milongas, why they go to Buenos Aires to get it . . . and how you can give it to them on a silver platter!
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Six critical skills, the mastery of which differentiates outstanding tango dancers from average ones! These essentials are usually ignored or glossed over in tango classes. Simple material, but probably my most powerful program.
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With this simple strategy for improvising tangos, you'll never again be at a loss for what to do on the dance floor, and you can always feel calm, elegant and in control, yet keep delightfully surprising your partners.
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You'll learn to easily dance entire tangos "en una baldosa" (on one floor tile!), building your skills incrementally from week to week. You'll never again feel stuck in traffic, bored, or panicked in crowded milongas!
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In 9 video modules, I help you analyze tango music in progressively greater depth each week, using my "7 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality". You'll very quickly feel confident in your understanding of how tangos are structured. By week 9, you'll know exactly what you're doing on the dance floor!
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Not ready for the full 9-week musicality program? In Part 1, you'll master the first 3 of the "7 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality": Rhythm, Pauses, and Phrasing.. and Melodic Interventions in the Pauses. This is the foundation of the full program and will quickly start building your tango confidence.
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Half-time, Suspensions, Syncopations, and Double-time, plus bonus module: "How to identify and analyze Regular and Irregular Tangos". PREREQUISITE: Tango Musicality Mojo Part 1.
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Hello, tango lover! The self-managed-training programs I'm offering can improve the skills of tangueros and tangueras in your circle of influence, so that you can all enjoy more satisfying milongas together. And the master key to the success of this initiative? You, as a Tango Mojo Ambassador! I've developed a pricing policy with your economic participation in mind. Contact me and it will be my pleasure to speak with you. Un abrazo tanguero!
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Nori Hashimoto, Ohio, USA
"Helaine, I took to heart your emphasis on the importance of minding our Infinite Axes. It's my mantra now... As a result, I feel I have better balance, I am more relaxed while dancing, enabling me to focus on the music and connection, and my tango moves are more articulated than before. I do receive compliments about my dancing, which gives me an infinite joy. And it really seems that ladies are more enthusiastic than before about accepting my invitation to dance! So, thank you once again!"
Roy Horan, Arkansas, US
"At a practica last night, received outstanding feedback. One follower told me I have improved dramatically, another said 'lots of passion' & my wife said 'best dance ever!' Things are working." Two months later: "Confidence: your program has helped me become bolder on asking followers that appear much more advanced than I - a good embrace has really helped - the art of the pause has really wow'd many followers when I dance with them......there are not a lot of tangueros that use pauses in the communities I dance in - this is HUGE."
Ulrich K., Germany
"Although I had been dancing tango intensively for more than three years I still felt a little uncertain and unsteady on the dance floor. The fact that this communicated to my dancing partners made things worse. Helaine's program was a complete and amazing turn for the better! Within two months my whole approach to tango changed, I gained more stability and presence, felt way more comfortable and at ease. The transformation was immediately noticed by my dancing partners and brought me compliments and a far bigger choice of tangueras who obviously enjoy dancing with me. Helaine's coaching brings ideas and concepts that will hardly ever be taught in regular dance classes and puts them in a very clear way. Highly recommended..."
Ivana S., Zagreb, Croatia
"Before I started working with Helaine I felt lost in the sea of instructions and couldn't really advance. I had a feeling that confidence in tango is something that happens only after years and years of practice. Her online modules made a huge impact on my understanding of tango and its important elements so I could finally start making progress . . . Overall her program skyrocketed my pleasure in dancing, balance, autonomy and confidence by giving me a foundation of knowledge, core concepts, excellent visceral explanations, clear structure of tango, easy yet profoundly efficient exercises that advanced my pleasure in dancing to a very high degree. "
Gary Alexander, England
"This is great stuff, and just what I need. Some of it I do already, and some is new, but these exercises help me become much more precise . . . Here they are all blown away that we can have such good results from an online course!"
G.W., Midwest USA, Tango Improvisation Mastery Program and Elite Private Coaching Client
"Helaine is a game changer who put together a program specific to my needs, coaching me to not only become a better dancer, but fed my hunger to learn more about the culture that surrounds the dance. As a result, Argentine tango is now part of my DNA. That is a gift. The combination of accelerated coaching in the studio with milonga experiences offered a whirlwind of dancing peppered with cultural insights exemplified in her tips and writing. As a result, I have choices and a repertoire based on grounded instruction and attitude that now define my dance, all thanks to Helaine. Highly recommended to anyone seeking to learn tango beyond figures, aspiring to be a true tanguero and all it embraces. Helaine has the key to open that door."
Cornel Durlut, Romania
"As I tell my tango friends, I mainly learned tango from three ladies: two instructors from Romania and yourself with Musicality and your tips. Your Musicality program, together with the first '9 tips' for leaders, and '27 BA insider tips' did help me decisively to understand the tango music and have significant progress with my dance. That gave me the courage, this year, on September 11th, to compete in the first Romanian Championship, for non-professionals, where I received the 2nd position out of a dozen couples. Once again thank you very much, you are doing great work!"