Advanced Tango Fundamentals

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Discover how in 6 weeks you can SOLIDIFY the foundation of your tango,  
as if you’d been dancing for several years in Buenos Aires milongas!

I’d like to ask you a few questions, and I just ask that you answer them honestly to yourself:


- Do you ever lose your balance while dancing tango, or even occasionally step on or collide with your partner’s feet?
- Do you sometimes feel anxious about dancing in milongas because it’s hard to navigate in the “chaos” on the dance floor?
- Are you fed up with some women declining your invitation to dance?
- Do you wish you had greater self-confidence when you danced tango in milongas and practicas?
- Would it make you happy to know deep down that many tangueras are secretly waiting for your arrival at every milonga, hoping they’ll dance with you tonight?


- Do you ever find yourself unable to relax, let go, and really enjoy dancing tango, because you’re worried about making mistakes?
- Are you so concerned with trying to understand what your partner wants you to do that you forget to enjoy the music and the man you’re embracing?
- Do you ever lose your balance while you’re dancing?
- Are you tired of hearing some partners tell you that you’re anticipating?
- Do you wish you got invited to dance more often, and by better dancers?

If you often find yourself thinking at milongas, "I wish I danced better tango, so more and better partners would really want to dance with me", it’s not your fault and you’re not alone!

It’s likely that nearly all the tango training you’ve ever had has focused on steps and figures, and if you’ve been lucky, on some technique.  And when anyone teaches technique, it’s rare that they’ll slow way, way down, and work with you at your pace on the most essentials fundamentals that are the true foundation of tango movement.  The true essentials of tango are not just steps and techniques.
If you ever struggle or experience anxiety at milongas, it's because you're missing a few or all of 6 critical skills. When you discover and master these skills* as I present them (in videos, accompanied by lots of supporting tips and tactics), your tango will transform . . . naturally, organically, and painlessly.

(* Hint: by “skills” I do NOT mean back sacadas, or even molinetes, though ladies’ molinetes become so e-a-s-y and natural with my method!)

"Advanced Tango Fundamentals™"
6-week Online Home Study Program for men and women 

. . . Is the first part of my 6-month online course for men, "Tango Improvisation Mastery™". These 6 major skills are essential for women as well as for men, and I have expanded the program to speak to tangueras, too. Many tanguero members who have completed their "Advanced Tango Fundamentals™" section, have RAVED about the results they’ve experienced in milongas. I’ve made it available as a standalone program so that in just 6 weeks YOU can have unshakable confidence on the dance floor, thanks to your new, super-solid foundation.

By the time you finish your 6 modules, if you do your weekly assignments and practice dancing at least once a week, your tango will give you much greater satisfaction than ever before! Members report delightful results as early as Weeks 1 and 2!

"I'm really stunned that there exists a coach who can answer all of the really important tango questions and who knows that it's a dance between a man and a woman :-). I can't believe my luck I found you. You're filling in a huge gap in the tango teaching/coaching/dancing scene. Especially as a woman, learning figures is a waste of time. I've been feeling restless for a long time since I knew I wasn't getting what I wanted at the regular lessons but now it's time to start enjoying more since my search is over."
In her first three weeks:
“The Infinite Axis made a surprising and considerable shift in my dancing (and beyond)!!!
Walking backwards is now pure pleasure. You presented it in such an interesting and powerful way. . . You answered a lot of questions with this module.  I feel very relaxed and confident and I released the need to "improve my technique" or the feeling that it will take ages to have a walk like a's more than enough just to be me and enjoy myself.  The gap between what I want and where I am is closing. Your teaching is simply brilliant, very visceral.  I can never forget about it, it just naturally leaves a mark. I'm so lucky to have found you!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for, that something I could not capture in words or formulate a question . . . "
Vicki S., Zurich, Switzerland

"Brilliant!!!! I have had this taught to me a number of times. Counter-body, it's usually referred to and this is the first time that it clicked. I always suspected that it was just natural walking movement, but before it always ended up as an awkward over exaggeration that would throw off my dancing for days. This way of teaching it with the shoulder swing moving the foot totally works for me and incorporating it into my walk. (Duh, It was already there.)  I can hardly wait to do it on the dance floor. BRILLIANT!!!! Thank you!"
Bruce Finlayson, British Columbia

If you ever suffer from dance anxiety or feelings of inadequacy at milongas, you will soon look back and laugh at how hard it used to be. You’ll look forward to tango as your time to relax and feel free!  

If you've been missing out on dancing with more advanced partners, after this program you will discover that some of them will actually be hoping you'll show up at milongas so they can dance with you.

If you are already an advanced tanguero or tanguera, you will enhance and refine what you're already doing well, correct any habits that may be holding you back, fill critical gaps in your training, and make your tango a greater pleasure for you and your partners!

How can I be so sure of these claims? Because this is what has happened not only for my private students over the years but also for so many of my "Tango Improvisation Mastery™" Online Home Study Program and Coaching Club members, who have experienced leaps of progress in their first six weeks, with their "Advanced Tango Fundamentals™" modules.

"Before I started my program with Helaine, I experienced ongoing frustration in my tango. I longed to be able to dance deeply from my heart and with a sweet connection to my dance partners. These are the elements that drew me to tango in the first place. And although I have a deep passion for tango and am completely smitten by the music, I often felt that I could not truly express what was in my heart because I didn't feel that I could really be in control of my body through a sense of balance, calmness, and confidence. As much as I wanted to dance in a connected way, I often found myself rushing, anticipating and struggling to feel the lead from my dance partners.

“My time with Helaine dramatically helped me in several ways. She helped me to see and understand that while I had been focusing on technique and trying to combine many different elements into my dance, I had been missing out on the most vital of components... discovering my amazing, powerful essence and drawing from that deep well to bring about all that I had been looking for and longing for in my tango. Tapping into and drawing from that part of myself brought about a dramatic result. I was able to let go of the stressful feelings and restrictions brought about by focusing on "getting it all right" and instead, walk, move, turn, and connect in a way that is regal, calm, engaged, alive, and pleasurable. The concept of "the lure" proved to be very helpful and completely changed the way that I walk and move in my tango.

“This all helped to bring about an interesting shift in my attitude towards tango and my experience while dancing. I now feel empowered, free, and like the essence of who I am comes across in a powerful and lovely way as I am dancing. I am now better able to enjoy the dance and feel a sense of pleasure that always seemed just out of my reach before. It feels good to dance in this way and I think my partners feel it also. It is a deeply fulfilling and rich experience to connect with the music, myself, my partner.

“I know that going through this program has brought change to my life. I feel more empowered than I did before. More autonomous. I now have the tools to dance anywhere with confidence, connection, and joy. And for this, I am grateful."
C.W., Florida

"Great information. I really love your explanations and concepts. They cannot be heard enough. Walk is stronger and more confident. Everything is starting to flow together. I find myself walking better without having to think about it.  Recently, during a group class, a couple of ladies mentioned how much I had improved. They both came back after the class to ask me to dance with them."
Gary Pratt, Florida

"Your descriptions are very instructive and well organized, laying a solid foundation on which to build. It feels very natural.  This kind of organized, stepwise approach would have saved me a lot of consternation in the last few months while trying to figure out the movements I saw on other instructional videos."
Joseph Castiglioni, Texas

Up until now, only people who had invested in private weekly study with me in 6 month (minimum) programs, or who flew in to work with me in Florida or Buenos Aires for my Private Coaching Retreats could benefit fully from the unique approach I've developed, over 16 years of teaching of exclusively Argentine Tango.  My one-on-one training helps men and women dance tango confidently, artistically, and in a way that feels SO good to their partners, and to themselves!

But now, with my "Advanced Tango Fundamentals™" 6-Week Online Home Study Program, you too can study with me intensively . . . but virtually, and therefore at a fraction of the cost!  And you'll get the additional benefit of having my teaching materials, in video, text, and audio, available to you 24/7 in your private, online account - PLUS recordings of group Q&A calls, available for you to download.  All program materials will be yours to study and review for many years to come!

"Advanced Tango Fundamentals™" Online Home Study Program for men and women gives you 6 weeks of training that focuses on very specific skills (details below), most of which I’ll wager that you’ve never before have had the opportunity to study in depth!

Here's how it works:

Each week you’ll receive a new module in which I guide your study of one or more substantial new skills or concepts, using a combination of video, text, and audio. You’ll practice at home, or in a place you prefer, through specific assignments for each skill.

As you learn each new skill, you'll be able to practice implementing them in your local practicas and milongas. Building your core skills one at a time, and focusing on only one or two per week will really help you get them "into your bones".  I think you will be amazed at how laser-focusing on a single skill for a week, and continuing to reinforce it in your dancing in subsequent weeks, will immediately and dramatically improve your tango.

At the end of each module you will have a chance to answer specific questions about how it's going and what you're experiencing, to keep a record of your progress.  I will be reading everything, to understand where your rough spots are, and I may sometimes add new content to the program.  

You’ll also get access to a collection of recordings of group Q&A calls, in which I answer questions of past program members as they progress through their modules.

Your Program Content

The 6 weekly modules of Advanced Tango Fundamentals™ make up the first of four sections of my 6-month home study system for men, “Tango Improvisation Mastery™”.  However, it’s also loaded with essential information for women, and I have customized this standalone version of the 6-week course to speak to both tangueros and tangueras.

Advanced Tango Fundamentals™” are the true basics that most teachers miss or gloss over:  5 fundamental skills, plus one "leading edge" bonus skill (and the many sub-skills that help you achieve them) which you will master, one per week. You will begin to experience satisfying results in your tango starting Week 1 of this program, and already by the 6th week’s bonus skill, you should be feeling like a new man or woman on the dance floor!

Some of the things you will learn in “Advanced Tango Fundamentals™”:

  • Why a general awareness of your axis is not enough, and a simple concept you can practice anywhere to achieve excellent balance for the rest of your life.   
  • A series of proven exercises to anchor you and reinforce your balance on day one, so you’ll already feel more consistently stable at your very next milonga.   
  • Men: The one thing you must add to your side step to make women of all levels trust you and feel safe in your arms.   
  • Women: two critical things you must master in your Regular Basic so that leading you to the cross becomes a sublime experience for the men who dance with you; expect these two changes to skyrocket your invitation rate at milongas!   
  • Men: Lead the cross in this specific way to enchant even the most advanced tangueras. The natural body movement men must do to ensure a delicious feeling of harmony with all your partners; blocking this movement, which men often do, makes them feel rather clumsy to their partners, and more like a novice.   
  • Why it’s so important to walk both backward and forward beautifully and skillfully (and exactly how to do so!), though men will rarely walk backward in a milonga, and women will rarely walk forward.   
  • A quick and easy visualization to give your walk powerful intention, whether you’re walking in your tango or in your office.   
  • A fun, yet potent, visualization to definitively transform the tanguera’s mindset, so that your walk becomes powerfully alluring.   
  • How you can calmly stop on a dime when the music ends unexpectedly, or if someone stops abruptly in front of you, and never again be caught off-guard, step on your partner’s foot, have to take an extra step or cause a collision.   
  • The 1-minute-a-day wine bottle exercise that will radically improve your balance on turns and help you lead or execute great molinetes. One last tiny change you MUST make in your walk, without which no man or woman can become a great tango dancer. A skill that will make you feel amazingly good to partners of all levels.
  • Note: This program is based on classic Tango Salon, and will give you a good foundation whether you love this style of dancing, as I do, or want to branch out later in other directions.

Includes 6 weekly training modules, in which you'll receive my teaching by video, audio, and text, plus very specific assignments to practice each week. Program also includes access to recorded Q&A group coaching calls with members from recent years. The entire program is yours to study and review, 24/7, for years to come!

"The online sessions with Helaine are simply wonderful. I get a lot of support and corrections for the exercises, it's basically as if we were meeting live with the advantage that I can stay at my place. Learning is so much more pleasurable and efficient when there is a connection with the teacher and a sense that this person wants to see me improve, like Helaine definitely does. 

"Before I started working with Helaine I felt lost in the sea of instruction and couldn't really advance. I had a feeling that confidence in tango is something that happens only after years and years of practice.  Her online modules made a huge impact on my understanding of tango and its important elements so I could finally start making progress. 

"For me the Skype coaching is an important boost to the online modules and helps me sharpen my focus, formulate questions and become more aware and allows me to monitor my progress and get stimulating feedback.

"Overall her program skyrocketed my pleasure in dancing, balance, autonomy and  confidence by giving me a foundation of knowledge, core concepts, excellent visceral explanations, clear structure of tango, easy yet profoundly efficient exercises  that advanced my pleasure in dancing to a very high degree. "
Vicki S., Zurich, Switzerland upon completion of 3 months of Tier 2 private coaching

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Helaine Treitman is here to help you dance tango calmly and confidently, fully expressing your masculine self as you beautifully connect with the woman in your embrace. You’ll gain a deeply-informed understanding of tango music, so you’ll delight all your partners, and they’ll want to dance with you again and again. Start learning from Helaine now, with her FREE e-course, “9 Surprising Tango Tips for Men” — Get FREE Access Now!