Tango in a Square Meter

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Tanguero! Now, you can dance STRESS-FREE in crowded milongas!  

Do you struggle or feel challenged in milongas when the dance floor gets crowded?

What if I told you that in just a few weeks or less you can master a simple formula for dancing freely and enjoyably in tight spaces, enchant your partners with your playful creativity, and never again feel anxiety in crowded milongas?

    • If you ever experience any discomfort, anxiety, frustration - even terrible stress in crowded milongas  . . .  
    • If you feel stuck or trapped or even panicked when you have to dance in tight spaces or in a traffic jam on the dance floor  . . . 
    • If you feel that your tango is compromised in any way and you are not at your best when you have to dance in restricted spaces, whether that means you feel really awkward, or if you just lose some of the magic  . . . 
    • If you’re one of the dancers who has a great attitude about it and wants to focus on the intimacy and paying attention to the music and your partner, if you still know that having more skill in those situations will let you express yourself so much better  . . . 
    • If you’re not inviting the tangueras you want to dance with because you know that when the traffic on the dance floor is slow or there’s very little room to move in, you’re not going to be any fun for her.  So you invite the tangueras who are not so much in demand, maybe those who are just grateful to be invited  . . . 
    • If when you get caught on a crowded dance floor you just want to get off! . . . 
    • If you feel intimidated in crowded milongas . . . 
    • If you see other dancers you admire and you would like to dance with greater fluidity in crowded situations just like they do . . .

    . . . you can change all that in a very short amount of time.  

    If any of the above statements rings true for you, believe me - you are not alone!  Over my 16 years as a tango educator, hundreds of tangueros of all levels have confided in me that dancing in tight spaces is one of the biggest challenges in their tango experience!

    From what those men have been telling me, I'd estimate that in 99% of the tango classes, private lessons, workshops, and festivals around the world, teachers are not addressing this problem in an adequate or comprehensive way.  

    Instead, most tango teachers are adding more and more figures to your growing repertoire, and many of those figures cannot be used at all in crowded milongas!  

    Yes, some also teach technique, which can be a big help to your dancing better.

    But rarely does anyone EMPOWER you to become a master of crowded milongas!

    Whether you're a 4-month advanced beginner, or a 15-to-20-year veteran:

    • Can you imagine what your tango life would be like if dancing in tight spaces were the very next skill that you truly mastered? 
    • Can you imagine that every time you walk into a crowded milonga, or observe that the dance floor is getting pretty packed, your main thought is "Hot dang! BRING IT ON!!"?
    • Can you see yourself happily pumped-up because you love being challenged to pull out a handful of your favorite "toys" (figures perfect for the situation) and play? 
    • Can you envision how having that mastery of dancing in tight spaces can give you the confidence to invite the women with whom you really want to dance,

    Well, Tanguero, I happen to hold the keys to the kingdom I just described: the kingdom of tango mastery in crowded milongas, tight spaces, and traffic jams on the dance floor.

    And I'll be delighted to put those keys in your hand, whether you're an advanced beginner or a 20-year veteran.

    I have created and successfully tested a simple system that empowers tangueros of all levels to dance like a master in crowded milongas!  And starting this month, you can turn this common tangueros' nightmare into a beautiful dream-come-true for you and your partners.

    Since this system is so simple and efficient, it will only require an hour or two per each of just 5-6 assignments over the next few weeks (or just one day, because you can do this as a marathon!).

    How can you get the "keys to the kingdom" of fluidity and fun in crowded milongas?

    I want to introduce you to my Online Home Study Program,

    Tango in a Square Meter!

    What this program will do for you:

    In this home study program, working at your own pace (one day marathon, to weekly sessions, to 3-month study!) . . .  

    . . . you will learn to create new, automatic habits on the dance floor that will allow you to dance much more easily in tight spaces.  You'll be able to get your mind off your figures because you'll have new neural pathways about connecting the figures of your choice, just like the 25 year tango veterans . . .

    . . . so you can focus on the music and on your lovely partner!  In this program your body and mind will learn in just one day to make spontaneous connections only between your 6 chosen "Roses" - the figures that are ideal for dancing in tight spaces, crowded milongas, and traffic jams.

    The result of our disciplined guided work together will be that  that when a milonga gets crowded, your spontaneous thought will be “This is my playground! Now the real fun begins!”

    In this program, I will teach you in detail my carefully structured, step-by-step system for dancing tango in tight spaces.  

    You'll learn to dance whole tangos in a square meter - in an interesting, stimulating way, with only a handful of figures.

    You'll learn to dance freely, spontaneously and fluidly in restricted spaces.

    Your job on a crowded dance floor will become having fun, interpreting the music, and making your partner smile or even giggle.  She'll giggle because you keep surprising her, as you stay lighthearted, having fun, loving the challenge of the room, because it makes you more creative.

    Important:  All these promises, of course depend on your doing the work, and practicing the work you do in "Tango in a Square Meter" for the next couple of weeks or months;  you will have just started to create your new neural pathways, and your reviewing our  exercises will strengthen them in your muscle memory and make them true habits!

    "Tango in a Square MeterTM

    online home study program


     - 2 video training modules with 6 Rose figures and their variations

     - 1 video module of musicality training with overview phrasing analysis of 10 great tangos

     - 16 audio mp3’s for practicing (including the 10 from our phrasing analysis)

     - 5 modules with “Tango in a Square Meter” diagrams and detailed instructions

     - Bonus: 5 Tango in a Square Meter Bootcamp coaching call replays (recordings)!

    Time to complete program - Six weeks to 3 months - you decide!  

    Note:  Doing your assignments sooner than later is highly recommended! Our 1-day Group VIP Day*  members had the best and most rapid results of all of our members.

    The program is yours to keep and review for years to come.

    Get instant access, $ 900, by credit card or Paypal



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