Tango Musicality Mojo, Part 1

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Here's how you can master Tango Musicality essentials in 9 weeks or less and have dancers of all levels LOVE to dance with you!

Men ~

- Do you ever lose your musicality "mojo" and worry about boring your partners?

Women ~

- Do you wonder whether you're relying too much on your partner for how you respond to the music?

Everyone ~

- Do you feel like you’re in a rut and tend to get bored with your own musicality?

- Do you wish you could just let your expression flow beautifully with the music and to your partner?

You listen to tango music and it moves you!  There's so much you want to express.  

But when you dance, you wish you knew much better how to make the most of the great music you're hearing.

For most tango dancers, there is nothing more satisfying than a great emotional connection with a partner who has both confidence and good musicality.  

And most of the tango dancers I know want to be that kind of desirable partner!

But being "not quite sure" about what's happening in the music you're dancing to can be a sneaky confidence-wrecker.

Though you love tango music . . .

  • Is its structure a mystery to you. 
  • Do you wish you recognized where the phrases end?

Are you unsure about when the music specifically calls you . . .

  • to syncopate?  
  • to embellish?  
  • to slow way down?
  • to be still?

(These questions apply to tangueras, too . . . unless you like to dance passively and do "flavorless", mechanical adornos!)

If you don't have a clear, well-informed idea about how a tango is structured, it's likely you're feeling insecure on the dance floor.

But today I'm giving you a chance to turn that insecurity into strength and confidence.

I'm inviting you to become knowledgeable and competent at interpreting tango music - in just two months.

I'm talking about real, accurate knowledge, which goes way beyond "a good feeling for the music". Strong musicality is one of the top confidence builders for all tango dancers!

Here is a program that in just 9 weeks will build your deep, foundational knowledge about tango music so you can grow your confidence and your self-expression  . . .

. . . with the absolute confidence that you know what you are doing!

This knowledge will liberate your self-expression, and increase your connection with your partners!  

And the program lasts not only 9 weeks, but it's yours to review and work on whenever you wish, 24/7, for many years to come!


Tango Musicality Mojo

Part 1 - Rhythm, Pauses, Phrasing . . .

and Melodic Interventions in the Pauses

Part 2 - Half-time, Suspensions, Double-time,

and Syncopations

plus bonus module on

"Regular" and "Irregular" Tangos!

Tango Musicality Mojo  is a 9-week program that will change your tango forever, making you more confident, knowledgeable, and expressive whenever you dance.

"I know I didn't answer the questions on all your Musicality homework, but I did study the modules intensively. As I tell my tango friends, I mainly learned tango from three ladies: two instructors from Romania and yourself with Musicality and your tips.

“Your Musicality program, together with the first '9 tips' for leaders, and '27 BA insider tips'  did help me decisively to understand the tango music and have significant progress with my dance.

“That gave me the courage, this year, on September 11th, to compete in the first Romanian Championship, for non-professionals, where I received the 2nd position out of a dozen couples.

“Once again thank you very much, you are doing great work!"

Cornel Durlut, Romania

One tanguero wrote after his 3rd week of "Tango Musicality Mojo":

"I’ve gotten very comfortable following the music with your PDF grid sheets. Your notation system is working very well for me - that i can have now the whole structure of a song on a piece of paper.  It helped me to hear clearly the downbeat, the upbeat and their absences and so to train my ear and that I can make comments on the paper with the use also of colors for interpreting the music.  I have already applied the rhythmic analysis of phrasing and the pauses in my dancing. (I would like to add that you use a very clever system of notation.)"

Six weeks later:

"I am very happy that I have finished the musicality program. I have enjoyed it very much and it has raised my musicality to a much higher level. It’s well structured, excellent presented, and with a lot of excellent supporting material (PDFs, stick graphs, play lists and videos of dancers). I thank you for this [program]."

Michael, Greece  

Here are some comments of members who had completed Part 1 of the "Tango Musicality Mojo" online home study program: "Rhythm, Pauses, Phrasing, and Melodic Interventions in the Pauses". They worked at their own pace, checking in with me on the Q&A call if they wanted my help.

"Very definite improvement. Love it. This course is paying big dividends in my tango, can't wait for the second part."

JM, California

"It was a surprise to find the bass! I am enjoying becoming familiar with the layers of sounds and becoming aware of the underlying rhythm in a more focused way."

JE  New York, first week of program

"Your input opened a door for me. I started to listen more precisely to discover the structure of the songs.  The pdfs helped a lot. I could see the structure of the song better by having the rhythm and the pauses in front of me as a whole. It is amazing to realize how uniformly structured all these tangos are."  

Daniel, Switzerland

"Fantastic. Now the tango music makes sense to me structurally. Before it seemed like chaos but now I understand that there is order. Thank you very much."

And two weeks later:

"In general, this module and the previous one have added a great deal of certainty to what I am doing. And with certainty comes confidence. Now I can do it without thinking or worrying if I am right or not. This increased confidence has allowed me to focus on other items like doing the basic figures using these principles. It does make a difference. My lead has improved."

Carlos, Canada

These and the other program members hear tango music now with a sense of clarity, where before there was confusion or vagueness. Many reported increased confidence on the dance floor after just a few weeks!


  • Each week, through video- and audio-based online training, we focus on a concept that you will master, so you'll be adding FLAVOR to your tango, week by week. 
  • In videos and audios I guide you through detailed analysis of 6 great, classic, "Regular" tangos.We also do an overview analysis of 10 more, that include "Irregular" tangos. 
  • In each module, I recommend ways to help you integrate your new knowledge into your dancing. 
  • PDF worksheets with my notation system to take your understanding even deeper and to empower you to accurately analyze any tango. We use these throughout the program. 
  • Blank, extra worksheets with pre-structured tango formats, toanalyze YOUR favorite tangos. 
  • Links to video playlists I selected as outstanding examples of  professionals interpreting some of our tangos. You can study these and see which of the principles you have learned that you can recognize in their improvisations.  (That includes women's adornos!) 
  • 2 Q&A Group Coaching calls, and MP3 recordings of the calls. 
  • Online Members' Forum to exchange ideas with your peers.

Part 1

Just a few of the things you will learn in the first four weekly modules of "Tango Musicality Mojo" home study program - Part 1:

  • Why hearing the beat is good, but not good enough!  What I’ll show you goes much deeper, and helps differentiate great dancers from so-so dancers.
  • The one simple thing that women can’t get enough of, that most men usually ignore, and why that’s the biggest mistake they can make.
  • 3 easy keys to understanding musical phrasing in a tango.
  • How recognizing three specific things the melodic instruments do in a particular moment of many phrases will give the most meaning to your embellishments.

You'll learn how to read and utilize my unique and easy-to-follow notation system.  You’ll receive PDFs of my analysis of 6 well-loved tangos that we’ll study on 4 different levels in

Part 1:

Module 1- Building Block 1 - Rhythmic Base

Module 2- Building Block 2 - Pauses

Module 3- Rhythm, Pauses, and Phrasing (with notation system worksheets)

Module 4- Building Block 3 - Melodic Intervention in the Pauses (with notation system worksheets)

Part 2:

And in the second four weekly modules in Part 2, (plus a special bonus module on "Regular" and "Irregular" tangos, in which we analyze 10 additional tangos!):

  • How paying close attention to this one instrument in the orchestra can add a sublime quality to your improvisation. 
  • How to identify in seconds whether a tango has a  "Regular" or "Irregular" structure, and how to do a quick-and-dirty analysis, even scribbling on a napkin in a restaurant! 
  • When it’s so good to let the singer take you off the beat!  Add drama and emotion with this one simple skill.
  • What you can do when you hear the bandoneons going crazy - besides ignore it and stick to the beat - and give your tango a dose of exhilaration! 
  • Syncopations are NOT everywhere in a tango, and it’s not very cool to make them up. How to catch all the real ones and delight your partner with your sophisticated playfulness. (You’ll find this SO satisfying!)

Topics of Part 2 (with notation system worksheets, and analyses of 10 more tangos):

Module 5 - Building Block 4 - Half-time

Module 6 * - Regular and Irregular Tangos

Module 7 - Building Block 5 - Suspensions

Module 8 - Building Block 6 - Double-time

Module 9 - Building Block 7 - Syncopations

* Module 6 is a special one, with 10 extra tangos that I show you how to analyze quickly.  It includes a breakthrough secret: how to quickly differentiate between "regular" and "irregular" tangos, and how to analyze them roughly or down to the finest nuance, so that you can interpret either with confidence on the dance floor!

You’ll also receive blank worksheets that you can use to analyze almost classic tango, once you’ve learned this system!

Enroll now and experience a major transformation in your tango over the next two months, and in how partners respond to you!

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"One of the tangueras in my new advanced class paid me a big compliment - "You must know this music, you are using it so well". Would this have happened without the Musicality course? I very much doubt it. Thanks, Helaine! "

JM, California

"My plan was to understand the music by June of this year (or I would have quit tango) and be dancing tango in an acceptable manner by December of this year. I think my musicality objective has been met already [March], with tremendous help of your course."

Carlos, Canada

Are you ready to feel like you really know what you're doing on the dance floor?  Enroll in Tango Musicality Mojo, and start mastering Tango Musicality today!

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