The Rose Vine Strategy

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  • Do you sometimes get "stuck" on the dance floor in milongas, frustrated because you don't know what to do next?     
  • Have you already learned dozens of figures in classes and workshops, but  use only a fraction of them?   
  • Is it especially bad when the couples in front of you are blocking traffic?   
  • Are you anxious that you might be boring your partner?

Now you can put those worries and any feelings of inadequacy behind you forever, and be confidently in control of your improvisation. 

I'm Helaine Treitman, the Men’s Tango Mentor. Let me help you, as I've helped hundreds of tangueros, to relax and take charge on the dance floor, so you can focus on having fun and on feeling great connection with your partners!

The "Rose Vine Strategy of Tango ImprovisationTM", normally Section 2 of my "Tango Improvisation MasteryTM" online home study program, is now available separately, so you can dive in immediately to get the improvisational help you need right now!

The "Rose Vine Strategy" provides a simple

template you can easily adopt, that will give you

the confidence to create spontaneously and

elegantly on the dance floor.  No more feeling like

you're in a rut, or at the other extreme, panicking

about what to do next. With this strategy, you’ll

never wonder whether you’re boring your

partner, or mentally scramble to remember figures

you’ve learned.

This has been so empowering for many tangueros!  (See testimonials below!)

The Program includes:

    -    3 modules on creating your Vines.

    -    2 modules on creating your Roses, featuring video demos by a professional Argentine couple (with slow-motion segments and voice-over explanations by Helaine!)

    -    1 module on putting it all together in your improvisation - again, with video demos by our Argentine professionals.

Some of the things you will learn in “The Rose Vine Strategy":

  • How to divide all the tango elements you know (and all those you will ever learn) into two simple categories, and integrate them easily into your confident improvisational style.   
  • 6 basic walks you’re probably not using, that will enrich your tango immensely. In this section you'll practice these walks and also practice switching between them, and you'll      soon see your tango  jump to new levels.   
  • The one basic key to always being in control and in balance no matter what situation the line of dance throws you.   
  • Master this one funny walk and not only amuse your partner, but also gain confidence and absolute calm in switching between systems (parallel or crossed) or between  even on the spur of the moment.
  • Why this kind of walking can be the sexiest of all walks.   
  • A simple tactic to keeping all your circular figures elegantly neat and comfortably tight in crowded situations.   
  • The impressive traveling figure you can do now like never before, and that will easily get you out of navigational trouble.
  • Using your new skills to clean up your old favorite figures, to make them more effective and more elegant.

You'll get video training plus Helaine's additional written commentary on:

- 7 walks (3 in Parallel, 4 in Crossed System),

- 4 traveling figures,

- 6 stationary/circular figures with variations,

- AND guidance on how to connect them so you can improvise creatively and elegantly in milongas, and feel totally in control!

Three modules feature many video demonstrations by tango professionals Jeremías Massera and Mariela Barufaldi of Tango Axis, with analysis and explanations by Helaine, using slow motion, voiceovers and text descriptions.

Your investment is $ 900. Your Tango Mojo Ambassador is ready to hear about your interest in the program, and answer any questions you may have. Or you can click on the blue link above or below to enroll now!

"Hi Helaine, I wanted to tell you that I received a compliment from a very good follower about how much better I am dancing nowadays. You deserve a lot of credit for this. Thank you very much!  I continue to be amazed how well you explain things on the video. You do better than any tango teachers I have experienced, in group lesson or private. Your video set is my tango Bible, really."

Masanori Hashimoto, Ohio

“This is great stuff, and just what I need. Some of it I do already, and some is new, but these exercises help me become much more precise . . .  Here they are all blown away that we can have such good results from an online course!”

Gary Alexander, England

“I danced with someone who is very uncertain about her dancing. She dances very well and her boyfriend is excellent. Her self confidence is not strong. We danced three songs and at the end she told me that for the first time she felt safe enough with me to dance all the time with her eyes closed. I was so touched !  The next milonga the woman who gave me my very first milonga dance asked me if we could dance. EVERY milonga I find her without fail and I can't tell you how chuffed I was to have the request reciprocated.”

Peter B., England

"I don't think I have seen a better presentation and explanation. It is absolutely superb!"

John Dewhirst, Victoria, BC, Canada

I look forward to “seeing you” inside “The Rose Vine Strategy!”

Get instant access, $ 900, by credit card or Paypal



Helaine Treitman is here to help you dance tango calmly and confidently, fully expressing your masculine self as you beautifully connect with the woman in your embrace. You’ll gain a deeply-informed understanding of tango music, so you’ll delight all your partners, and they’ll want to dance with you again and again. Start learning from Helaine now, with her FREE e-course, “9 Surprising Tango Tips for Men” — Get FREE Access Now!